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Membership Benefits

The Beginner's Handbook

It contains complete basic information on growing chrysanthemums. This is an excellent guide for all levels of growers

The Chrysanthemum

This is a quarterly journal of the National Chrysanthemum Society. This publication features articles and reports on chrysanthemum culture, new plant introductions, floral design, and NCS activities


A closed forum for members to discuss, ask questions, get growing tips, and share photos

Club meetings

Monthly club members only Zoom meetings where you can find lectures and demonastrations from veteran growers and gardeners

Free Plants

Five (5) free rooted cuttings for new members to get started!

Do I need to say more?


How to Apply?

  1. Fill out the membership application form 

  2. Email the form to: 

  3. Title the subject line as: APPLICATION

Annual Membership Dues

Full Membership: $30

A membership can be shared between family members such as husband/wife/significant other, mother & daughter, etc.

The $30 is comprised of $20 for NCS membership and $10 for BACS membership

Associate Membership: $10

Available for people who are already a member of NCS, or are a member of another chapter of NCS

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