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National Chrysanthemum Society

The National Chrysanthemum Society (NCS) was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1954. The mission of the National Chrysanthemum Society is to:  (1) educate by researching, teaching, and disseminating procedures for the propagation and cultivation of the chrysanthemum; (2) improve the standard of excellence of the chrysanthemum; (3) promote a wider interest in the cultivation of the chrysanthemum; (4) encourage a greater use and display of the beautiful blooms of the many cultivars of the chrysanthemum; and (5) increase the bonds of fellowship among growers of the chrysanthemum. Click the picture below

the Chrysanthemum

A subscription to the Chrysanthemum, the journal of the National Chrysanthemum Society, is included as a benefit of membership in the National Chrysanthemum Society. Click on the picture below to go to the NCS site.

This one-page growing guide contains information needed for South Bay area. Click on the picture to get both the guide and the classifications. 

Kings Mums

In January, a new edition of the Kings Mums catalog becomes available. The rooted cuttings are organized by class, and the cultivar's name, bloom dates, and height are included with its picture. It is a very good reference book. Click the picture below to link to Kings Mums site. 

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