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Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb) Mum Care

Updated: Apr 8

updated 5/29/24

Zach -

Cut back your spent chrysanthemum bloom down to ~6" tall in order to promote more growth for spring.

brown rust on mum leaves

Toss all old plant material, DON'T compost, because you don't want to keep any potential diseases for the next year, such as brown rust (see left)

Brown rust is mainly seen in the wetter winter months. If you find brown rust on your leaves, hand pick the infected leaves and throw it into the trash. WASH YOUR HANDS in between plants to prevent spread.

Give your mature chrysanthemums a sprinkling of 4-10-10 or 0-10-10 granular fertilizer in December/January to promote more rooted stolons. Move to 4-10-10 (Lily Miller) 5-5-5 (EB Stone) in warmer weather to increase vegetative growth. Scratch the granular fertilizers into the soil, then let the rain dissolve it in. Take care to read on the fertilizer container on how often to reapply as they can vary depending on the brand.

(If the leaves are turning yellow, apply a fish-based fertilizer, which is higher in nitrogen. )

Control snails, slugs, and aphids with insecticidal spray and slug bait

  • potassium salt insecticidal soap - dry out the insects

  • neem oil or other horticultural oil - suffocate the insects

  • DO NOT use pyrethrum base

Remove any early buds that are forming now. This will promote more leaf growth.

For AA varieties in South Bay areas, take cuttings in Februrary because they require a longer growth time.


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